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Breaking Boundaries with Generative AI

Step into the future of healthcare, where AI is reshaping patient care. It empowers the sector to analyze hidden patterns and vast datasets through cutting-edge predictive analytics and real-time monitoring, enabling early diagnoses and personalized treatments. At NETSOL, we’re at the forefront of this transformative journey, making healthcare more efficient, patient-centric, and promising with Generative AI.


Working hours in healthcare can be supported by Gen AI


Enhanced efficiency is expected with language-based AI


Can be saved yearly with the adoption of AI tools

Sub-Division of Sectors we Assist

State-of-the-Art Solutions for Retail

Data, Modeling
and Analytics

Supply Chain Data Integration Hub
Multi-Model Data Analytics


Longitudinal Patient Records
Automate Medical Scanning
Image Interpretation

Operational Efficiency

Auto-Generated Referrals
Clinical Coding & Authorization
 Intelligent Document Processing


Patient Outcome Prediction
Personalize Patient Discharge
Custom Treatment Plan


Patient Care Concierge
Remote Care Management
eHealth System Maintenance

Strategic & Advanced Solutions with
Generative AI

State-of-Art Solutions for Healthcare

Simplified Data Extraction

Uncover crucial medical insights hidden in unstructured text easily using built-in Comprehend Medical – simplifying your search and query process.

Confidentiality First!

AI uses interoperability standards to consolidate patient medical histories from various sources into a standardized FHIR-based format, ensuring patient data protection with dynamic transactional apps and comprehensive patient 360 views.

Automated Transformation

Empower healthcare analysts to leverage automated FHIR data transformation and SQL querying through AWS Athena, creating dynamic dashboards to track care gaps and metrics.

Exceptional Scalability

Create scalable, compliant interoperability solutions with HealthLake’s Patient Access and Bulk FHIR APIs that validate US CORE and CARIN BB Profiles and meet 21st Century Cures Act standards.

Unparallel Security

Fortify application security with SMART on FHIR, seamlessly integrating with OAuth2-compliant authorization services, creating dynamic patient360 clinical interfaces, and ensuring ironclad protection while accessing Health Lake’s data.

ML Analytics

Explore health data insights using ML analytics to forecast future trends and identify hidden patterns that help visualize findings and make informed decisions.

Accelerating Innovation

AWS & Gen AI creates real-time speech recognition, clinical documentation, and virtual assistant solutions, integrating seamlessly into workflows and allowing full control over health records.

Note-Generation Service

Automating note-generation for clinical applications, AWS HealthScribe improves clinical productivity, streamlining workflows for healthcare professionals.

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Unleash the potential of Generative AI while enhancing security and without compromising your data with NETSOL!