8 Reasons Why Amazon Web Services are Driving Small Businesses Towards Industrial Change

What did cloud computing mean for small & medium-sized businesses, a few years ago? Something beyond reach and capacity. Initially, cloud computing was sold off as a powerful solutions tool solely meant for prominent industries and business giants. Only recently, with the advent of Google Cloud for small businesses, cloud computing has proven beneficial for a broader clientele – adding small and medium businesses to its spectrum.

Amazon Web Services has been a prominent supporter and provider of effective solutions for small & medium businesses alike. With the launch of Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) some seventeen years ago, AWS was well ahead of empowering businesses irrespective of their size and demographics. And since then, AWS has only been releasing powerful products and cloud services, irrespectively catering to small and large companies alike.

By being the first major provider of cloud solutions & services, AWS holds much prestige over its latter competitors. Therefore, this blog will highlight fundamental reasons why AWS for small businesses can lead to industrial change.

Amazon Products that can Change the Future of Small Businesses

Before diving right in the revolutionary qualities of AWS, let’s sift through some stats.

Per the last survey, 53% of SMBs spend $1.2 million on the cloud annually. This percentile was 38% in 2021.

The Data Corporation that cloud infrastructure and PaaS are most increased areas of cost containment concern by 53%. that SMBs with weaker cloud financial management waste 10% to 30% of their public spending.

Now, let us explore Amazon products that every SMB must know. to empower and scale their brands.


Amazon Web Services offer a wide range of languages, frameworks, and devices for every business. , incorporating security and consistency with integration and trade administrations. AWS’s tools and administration frameworks largely intended for versatile applications, PCs, and gaming frameworks.

Core Cloud Infrastructure Services

By leveraging the power and storage room of cloud computing, AWS for small businesses and startups can conveniently acquire access to the and power required in processing the database and system administration benefits.

Platform Services

AWS offers the broadest range of platform services that can meet SMB sellers and business requirements. It has a solid cloud-based administration platform that can speed up your Organizations can incorporate mobile services, analytics, web administration, and enterprise applications through platform services.

Operational Efficiency / Developer Productivity

The AWS infrastructure offers organizations critical success instruments for security, identity, applications, administration, and improvement.

8 Reasons Why AWS for Small Businesses Are Game Changing

All leading and successful enterprises leveraging AWS will confirm that has been game changer designed to help propel their business ideology forward. Before the advent of Amazon Web Services, many businesses lacked access to quality services, but the latest technology changed everything for good.

  • Unmatchable Agility

Even though It is impossible to predict the next global health pandemic, however, companies can prepare themselves with relevant technology infrastructure to stay flexible and adaptive, changing the business model swiftly.
Let’s take Kyowa Kirin, for instance a small pharma company based out of Japan specializing in technology-driven drug discovery. Shifting their technology infrastructure to the cloud over the years, s, enabled them to add approx. 300 to 400 virtual desktops in just one week when COVID-19 lockdowns began. This multiplied the total number of homebound employees with remote work access to 1,600 across the United States and Japan.
By shifting to the cloud, their business minimized the losses that several businesses sustained during the pandemic. Additionally, their decision to switch from on-premises virtual desktop infrastructure to Amazon WorkSpaces before the pandemic resulted in a 30% reduction in costs.
Overall, AWS for small business offers unmatchable flexibility, agility, and scalability, required at an affordable price. These services work together with business applications to seamlessly address rapidly changing business needs.

  • Easy Configuration

The AWS Cloud model does not require physical updates to the IT infrastructure. Businesses can access unlimited processing power, allowing them to quickly and easily change and upgrade. This means they can create and launch applications faster with decreased lag time.
Additionally, AWS business intelligence has multiple data centers worldwide, allowing enterprises access to their data anytime from anywhere. This feature proves handy for replicating business models in a new geographic area or setting up a disaster recovery program.

  • Incredible Cost-Efficiency

With AWS SMB hub support, businesses can significantly save on increased efficiency and uptime while enjoying a low entry cost. Small companies and startups can start using cloud services with just a small initial investment, expecting incredible ROI.
One of the best things about AWS is that clients only pay for what they use, without any long-term sign-up cost or contract. Another thing worth mentioning in AWS is that you can rent space on Amazon’s servers instead of buying on-premises storage or managing infrastructure.
With operations run virtually, enterprises can use Amazon’s capabilities across various industries like financial services, digital marketing, media, enterprise, healthcare, and more.

  • Machine and its Unique Adaptive Learning

If you’re looking to improve your development, AWS for small business models exclusively provides machine learning APIs. Amazon SageMaker, for instance, is a powerful tool for developers and data scientists to incorporate machine learning into their software.
Even if this type of work is beyond your expertise, monitoring cloud usage trends as the world moves towards AI and automation is essential. Companies will increasingly use the Internet of Things (IoT) to gather more insights into customer behavior, and this computing potential will encourage businesses to explore the impact of software and analysis on their business efforts.

  • Flawless Security

Some people believe transitioning to the cloud means sacrificing security, which is hardly the case. AWS business support has implemented measures to minimize potential risks associated with the cloud. All data is stored in secure server farms that meet the strictest residency and compliance requirements. With AWS’s uniform security protocols, small businesses receive similar value and services as large enterprises. even small businesses receive the same world-class security as large enterprises.
In the past, small companies have been hesitant to move to the cloud due to security concerns. However, now AWS small business credits robust security capabilities to meet all necessary requirements. With multiple data centers constantly monitored and maintained worldwide, AWS provides reliable backups for your data and infrastructure.

  • Unlocking Doors to Scalability and Collaboration

SMBs transitioning to remote, or hybrid work environments require added benefits of scalability, reliability, and performance that come with cloud computing solutions to function at their best. Enterprises leveraging AWS business intelligence can gain a highly secure, resilient, performing, and efficient infrastructure that can scale and accommodate their demanding workloads, irrespective of the employee’s locations.
LOTE Agency, an Australian multicultural research and communications company, experienced 100% capacity employees not being physically present in the office. The AWS for small business setup made it possible for them.

  • eCommerce Flexibility and Simplicity

Amazon Web Services provides practical solutions for online sales and retail, making it an ideal choice for small businesses with solid e-commerce components. In addition to website hosting, it offers integration options for efficient and seamless financial transactions with little to no human involvement.
Using the Amazon Merchant account technology, orders can be automatically imported from the customer’s preferred system, allowing for easy order updates and inventory tracking. Furthermore, Amazon Web Services offers software development kits (SDKs) for platforms such as Java, PHP, and Ruby, providing small businesses the flexibility and agility to meet customer needs.

  • Time is the Ultimate Power

Utilizing IT divisions comes with many long-term benefits, such as giving more opportunities for high-level projects instead of routine tasks. This advantage is apparent from the beginning but increases the longer a business owner uses the administration. Some benefits include cost savings, increased productivity, flexibility, reliability, and adaptability. Now is a great time for Amazon SMBs to adapt AWS and alter their business models with better services.

Successful AWS Use Cases for Small Businesses

Let’s check out some AWS use cases for small businesses that helped them scale and operate successfully.


The Auckland, New Zealand-based startup understood the importance of the AWS SMB hub and utilized its power. They were able to:

  • Accelerate the process to create a dashboard from 2 to 3 weeks to 1 day
  • Achieved significant cost savings
  • Improved agility, performance, and scalability
  • Enhanced customer experience and improved satisfaction

Paragon Technology and Innovation

Paragon, of Indonesia’s largest beauty brands, embraced the revolutionary AWS cloud computing and services. They experienced:

  • Reduced page load time
  • Scales to support 5,000 concurrent site visits
  • Accelerated deployment speed to 200%


Vietnam-based eCommerce brand understood the power of Amazon Web Service,it in the early days of its inception. In doing so:

  • The growth rate measured to be 51% during the pandemic year
  • Reduced overall infrastructure cost by 43%
  • Cut computing costs by 70%

Start Reaping AWS SMB Hub Benefits Today!

Amazon Web Services can transform the way your brand performs and functions. SMB Sellers can witness unprecedented growth in the progression of their business. So, if you are ready to reap the advantages of AWS, Start using AWS for small businesses as soon as you can.

With AWS business professional support, you need a hefty investment. With the right service provider like NETSOL and its band of experts, your journey to creating a robust IT infrastructure on the cloud will be swift and successful. Connect with us right away!

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