Develop serverless solutions by leveraging AWS Lambda

Develop serverless solutions by leveraging AWS Lambda

NETSOL in partnership with AWS brings decades of transformation, modernization, migration and analytics experience combined with highly skilled AWS resources.

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is a serverless computing service, enabling developers to run their code in response to various events without managing servers. Being highly scalable and flexible, it supports multiple programming languages  allowing the building of various types of applications. With AWS Lambda, users only pay for the actual compute time used to run their code, making it cost-effective and efficient. Integration with other AWS services, makes for easy to build serverless applications involving  a wide range of AWS tools and services.

Benefits of AWS Lambda


Accommodating changes in traffic and usage without manual intervention or infrastructure management, thus allowing developers to focus on building applications without scalability concerns,


Pay for the actual compute time to run your code instead of idle server time, with resultant cost savings, especially for applications with variable workloads.


Supports multiple programming languages making it easier to build and deploy various applications. Effortless integration with other AWS services allows for the creation of complex, event-driven architectures.

Build & Deploy Faster

Developers can swiftly deploy their code without worrying about infrastructure provisioning or management, reducing the time it takes to bring an application to market.

High Availability:

Automatically replicates code across multiple availability zones, ensuring that applications are highly available and resilient to failure. This can help minimize downtime and improve the user experience.

Our Work

Streamlining Data Export Process for Improved Customer Satisfaction

NetSol’s client needed to provide a secure and efficient way for its customers to access and download data in CSV format. Each customer can define data set with filter that needs to be exported based on a pre-defined schedule.
NETSOL Technologies came up with a solution which involved the use of Terraform scripts to provision infrastructure. Glue Workflows were scheduled using CloudWatch Event Rules, which triggered Lambda function with configurations for each member. Glue workflows were then started for one or more members, and Glue jobs were used to submit export queries to export specific data for each member. The exported data was stored in CSV files in the respective S3 path, and it was packaged into a zip file. The Notification job then sent an email with a pre-signed URL to the S3 zip file. In case of any failure during the process, notifications were sent to the respective stakeholders.

Technologies Used

AWS Lambda

AWS Glue

Amazon S3

Amazon CloudWatch


AWS Systems Manager

Infrastructure Automation and Application Deployment of SaaS based Calculation Engine

Flex is a newly launched product that wanted to utilize the AWS pay-as-you-go model by leveraging Serverless Architecture to ensure implementation of all best practices (Infrastructure Automation, Application Deployment, Security, Scalability, and High Availability). NETSOL Technologies used most of the AWS Managed services i.e., Route53, Lambda, CloudFront, S3, SES, RDS, and so on. Route53 receives requests and after identifying the request type routes it to CloudFront for Web Based Request and API Gateway for API request, respectively. API Gateway handles the REST APIs requests and routes it to associated service provided by Lambda Functions. One-click deployment ensures provisioning, configuration, and management of infrastructure with consistency. CI/CD Pipeline of CodePipeline takes care of the Application Deployment process.

Technologies Used

Amazon Route53

Amazon CloudFront

Amazon API Gateway

Amazon S3

Amazon SES

Amazon RDS

AWS CloudTrail

AWS CodePipeline

WHY NETSOL Technologies?

AWS Select Tier Partners

As an AWS select partner, NETSOL Technologies Inc. offers innovative solutions and expertise to help customers leverage the full potential of AWS services offering.

Trusted Delivery Method

We offer highly transparent project management structures to track development updates and delivery. Our clients have full visibility into the progress of their projects, enabling them to make informed decisions.

Innovative Solutions

Our team of AWS Certified experts develops innovative solutions to help our clients leverage the full potential of AWS services offering. We use AWS Lambda to build highly scalable and flexible applications that can handle unpredictable workloads and integrate with other AWS services.


Our Cloud Architects are experts in developing serverless architectures that optimize performance, reduce costs, and scale automatically. They have extensive experience in building event-driven applications using AWS Lambda, enabling our clients to achieve their business goals