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Cloud-based Analytics Deliver Insights to Transform Your Business

Data today is size agnostic, with every business of every size having a constant stream. The challenge lies in converting that flow of information into understandable data that actually helps your business. This is where Amazon Web Services (AWS) comes in to help small and medium-sized businesses. Like Rumpelstiltskin, who spun straw into gold, the AWS predictive and ML-powered data driven analytics platform transforms data into insights you can leverage to grow your business. And, unlike Rumpelstiltskin, cloud computing and data analytics come without extracting a heavy price, thanks to its right-sized, usage-based offerings, where you only pay for what you use. This, combined with the flexibility to speedily scale up and down with your needs, is useful to a small- or medium-sized business, particularly while navigating economic uncertainty.

Did you know that AWS can save you up to 48 percent on your Total Cost of Operations (TCO) and 42 percent on IT infrastructure for your analytics and business intelligence solutions?

Cloud Based Analytics Driving Business Intelligence

It’s impossible to underestimate the power of cloud computing analytics in the modern age. Numerous businesses changed their fortune with it. For instance, today, Netflix is the king of the online streaming industry. It was never an overnight success! They utilized state-of-the-art cloud analytics tools to gather entertainment information for the right audience. Similarly, Amazon used cloud-based analytics to learn about its customers and their buying behavior.

Understanding Cloud Based Analytics and Its Power in Modern Times

Cloud-based analytics is the manipulation and thorough analysis of your data. Analytics takes the data in the cloud, and after sifting through the information using advanced tools, it provides businesses with actionable insights to help drive and optimize business operations. From behavioral patterns associated with an online store or website customers to generating reports and crafting marketing tactics, cloud computing, and data analytics do it all for you!

Cloud Analytics Tools

Many types of cloud analytics tools can be accessed easily. In search driven analytics, the top tools that can be beneficial for your business are:

Website Analytics

Website traffic analytics is your business’s most common and advantageous cloud-based analytics. Through these tools, you can understand your site’s traffic, conversion and bounce rate and make adjustments according to the analytics to improve user experience and boost revenue and profitability.

Financial Analytics

The financial analytical tools are not limited to financial statements. It draws out the revenue and expense trends in your financial records that are impossible to detect even with a large finance analytical team. The cloud-based analytics tool assists in devising financial strategies that help businesses make profitable decisions.

Sales Analytics

It’s a platform that helps manage customers, evaluate sales across geographical boundaries, generate leads, and monitor sales team performance. Through the information generated through sales analytics tools, businesses can reveal crucial trends and signals that can help develop effective sales policies.

Performance Analytics

The use of performance analytics tools is to look at the sales, find production bottlenecks, examine the source of expenses, and augment opportunities for the betterment of the business.

Advantages of Data Driven Analytics

Cloud analytics software takes large chunks of databases and other data sets and converts them into beneficial insights and summaries. These analytics use visualization charts to help small and medium-based businesses to make informed decisions. Through cloud analytics services, enterprises can capitalize on powerful computing resources that allow them to handle large tasks handled by supercomputers before.

The cloud analytics solution provides various benefits for businesses. These pros can help organizations reach the highest level of productivity and scale accurate results.

Drive Stability

Cloud based analytics platforms help in addressing all the aspects of the business, from internal collaboration to customer feedback and product updates linked with the lifecycle. Analytics in the cloud enables businesses to connect data pipelines across various teams, integrate large data sets, and automate software development tasks

Cost Reduction

Cloud computing and data analytics lead to speedy scaling, ensuring organizations spend their resources on necessary operations only. It allows for hampering the user experience and disrupting the process while providing the opportunity to scale in real-time.

Increased Collaboration

Cloud analytics tools collect business data and then organize them to develop efficient and effective workflows and applications for the team. It helps in accessing and editing the data, analyzing the team’s shift focuses and provides a chance to decrease dependability. It also increases sale value by 26 percent and reduces customer attrition rate with natural workflow by 7 percent.

Access Industry Expertise Tailored to Your Needs

In addition to cost savings, you also gain access to established experts with a proven track record in helping small and medium-sized businesses with all their analytics needs. This search driven analytics covers everything from evaluating and using tools to best practices for collecting, storing, governing, and analyzing data, leapfrogging the years you would take to build this proficiency in-house. The speed that AWS brings to the table complements the cost saving and access to expertise. Cloud analytics tools and AWS reduces time to run queries by 79 percent and increases the number of queries by 37 percent. These analytics in the cloud are layered over the inherent security and resiliency built into AWS from the ground up, which can provide up to 69 percent reduction in unplanned downtime and fewer security incidents.

Take your first step

Cloud analytics solutions might be new to your company, but it’s a mature field continuously evolving, offering businesses more excellent value. As a data-centric business revolution, cloud-based analytics can help generate essential information to make informed decisions. Insights, optimization, and innovation are the main offerings of search driven analytics that benefit businesses both large and small.

You can start to see business benefits by switching to cloud-based analytics today. Learn more about cloud analytics for small and medium-sized businesses.

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