5 Key Challenges of Complex Cloud Environments & How to Overcome Them

The recent shift to cloud services has given businesses unmatched flexibility and scalability, enabling them to quicken their digital transformation initiatives. It has also led to a number of complex methods threatening to dim the cloud’s brilliance.  

Enterprises don’t typically deploy one cloud service and call it a day. They rely on multiple offerings from various vendors for everything from procuring key business applications to creating new development environments to running their entire IT infrastructure. 

Due to the significant benefits it offers, cloud computing is adopted by many enterprises. But it has challenges as well. Companies must be able to navigate these challenges of cloud computing successfully.  

With that said, here are five major challenges of cloud computing and what you can do to overcome them:  

  • Security Issues 

Security is always a major concern with any software, including cloud computing. Hackers are continuously alert, looking for the next victim to prey on as technology is used more frequently. 

For example, it is impossible to pinpoint exactly where your company’s data is kept when using cloud computing technologies. The exact site is not known. The security concerns that arise while managing and utilizing cloud technology  are increased just by this fact. 


The average cost of a data breach worldwide hit an all-time high of $4.35 million in 2022, according to IBM’s most recent Cost of a Data Breach report. 


Here are some of the typical security issues that come up with cloud computing to help you understand: 

  • A data breach or cyber security 
  • Account hijacking 
  • Compromised credentials 
  • Legal issues in cloud computing 

How to overcome the challenge 

Your company must have stringent controls to reduce the dangers of these security problems and cloud computing issues. Have a responsible team administering your cloud accounts, if you can. As a result, most of their efforts are directed at ensuring the security of your cloud accounts. In a breach, the team may analyze the security issue. 

  • Interoperability  

How to avoid another common challenge of cloud computing and being locked into service is another typical cloud difficulty business encounter when utilizing cloud technology. Every company expects to be able to easily migrate into and out of the cloud, thanks to portability and openness. When this is impossible because of lock-in periods and other issues, the motivation to engage with a cloud service provider is dampened.  

How to overcome the challenge  

Cloud service providers must be able to seamlessly connect a client’s on-premise IT processes with their cloud computing requirements. It is crucial since many firms cannot afford to carry on separate operations on the cloud and on premise. 

  • Cloud Costs  

A major obstacle to the adoption, migration, and operation of cloud computing services is cost, particularly for small and medium-sized organizations. 


Flexera’s 2022 state of the Cloud survey shows that expenditure management in the top cloud-related concern for more than eight out of ten businesses.


Even though enterprises may readily increase their processing capacities without significant expenditures on new hardware, cloud computing generally helps businesses save money. However, cloud computing services’ scalable and on-demand nature makes it occasionally challenging to precisely define and anticipate quantities and costs. 

How to overcome the challenge 

There are many strategies for managing cloud costs. For instance, firms can reduce costs by automating governance processes, improving financial analytics and reporting, or maintaining current management reporting practices. It will help to address the cost challenges associated with cloud computing. 

Another strategy for overcoming this obstacle is to start by creating a cost estimate budget. To manage costs, be sure to enlist the help of specialists for cloud cost management or establish a centralized team to oversee and manage the budget details. 

  • Rushing to Adopt Cloud Computing 

Many people not ready to migrate may rush into doing so out of a desire to “keep up with competition and the current market” because the cloud has so much to offer regarding how it might benefit your firm. Due to competition, companies cannot fully embrace all that the cloud offers and ensure it fits in the proper locations. 

How to overcome the challenge 

Outline all your needs and demands from the cloud to combat this, explore the various ways you could utilize it in the future, and address any ethical issues in cloud computing adoption. In this manner, you may stay focused on your objectives and use the cloud. Following an understanding of your requirements, you can proceed with the appropriate training and implementation.  

  • Skill Gaps 

For companies without a team devoted completely to cloud computing, the issue of a lack of experience is a typical one. Keep in mind that mastering cloud technologies is difficult. Therefore, having a team solely focused on cloud-related tasks would be ideal. In this approach, you can train and retrain the same group of people to use your cloud computing management solutions to help your company overcome challenges of cloud computing pertaining to skillset requirements.  

How to overcome the challenge 

It usually entails assembling a knowledgeable group of IT specialists to assist with all cloud-related tasks in the complicated cloud environment. Creating a cloud center of excellence within your business is a tried-and-tested method of enhancing your employees’ cloud abilities. Encourage those most advanced in their cloud adoption to construct the foundation of this and use it to motivate your other employees to pursue retraining. A review of present and future business requirements, a change in corporate culture, and identifying critical skill gaps is required to get through these obstacles to cloud adoption. 

Looking for More Information? 

As we’ve explained above, moving to the cloud for computing has numerous hurdles to overcome. But don’t worry – we’ve got a way to overcome each of the above challenges of the cloud. You can handle these problems more swiftly and effectively with the correct strategy. The key to a successful migration is organizing and outlining all the requirements for your company and your intended use of the cloud. 

On the other side, these cloud challenges take time to resolve. They require a planned approach and expertise that might minimize risks, costs, and errors during the migration and implementation phase. Your quest to find all these elements under one roof ends at NETSOL. With highly trained AWS resources, NETSOL, with decades of transformation, modernization, migration, and analytics experience in the industry, works with companies like yours to build and support multi-cloud challenging strategies.  

If you have more questions on the complex cloud environment, please get in touch with one of our experts to discuss more. LET’S CONNECT! 

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