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AWS for Healthcare

Delivering uncompromised healthcare services with AWS cloud while protecting patient data.

The Connected Healthcare Ecosystem

With the fast-pacing technological revolution, the healthcare industry is shifting its dynamics from volume-based care to value-centered care. With the continuous shift, delivering well-integrated and cost-effective solutions is more than essential. The healthcare industry is optimistic about leveraging digital technologies while enhancing patient care quality.

AWS healthcare solutions with NETSOL promise innovative and transformative services meeting patients’ competitive, financially stable, and regulatory necessities. The ever-changing patient demographics influence M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) based on an effective care management model.

NETSOL is guiding the modern healthcare sector to leverage digital innovation as the primary differentiator to ensure brand awareness. It will improve agility, manage time-to-market, attract new customers, and augment the multi-channel service model.

Cloud Adoption and the Sector

In recent years, the healthcare sector has embraced the cloud adoption phenomena at an exponential rate. The industry is innovating ways to manage the environment competitively without compromising on regulations. NETSOL is helping them leverage the power of the cloud to work smarter and faster.

With AWS healthcare solutions, the sector can improve medical findings and efficiently manage patient outcomes through analytics, big data, telemedicine, artificial intelligence, and machine learning powered diagnostics. With the capabilities of AWS, NETSOL guides the healthcare industry in securely processing, transmitting, and analyzing clinical information.

AWS for healthcare with NETSOL offers transformation in a period of change, disruption, and insecurity.

Our Esteemed Partners in the Journey

NETSOL Empowering the Healthcare Sector

With years of experience and experts in the healthcare industry, NETSOL empowers the sector with the following capabilities:

Inventive Technology as a Differentiator

Utilize major technological solutions to disrupt the healthcare sector while leveraging best practices to modernize applications. With our guidance, the industry can also integrate third-party solutions in their favor.

Connecting Everyone Together

With AWS-powered solutions, we are successfully connecting payers, patients, and healthcare providers together. By utilizing the power of digital transformation, NETSOL is driving innovation in the healthcare sector, ensuring tangible results.

Modernization and Cloud Migration

Modernizing the healthcare sector with practical and innovative leadership minimizes risk while embracing disruptive industry tactics. We guide the sector in adopting cloud solutions rapidly for modern applications and data lakes.

Data and Analytics as Powerful Tools

Our team of professionals have the necessary expertise to manage every aspect of data requirements, from data governance to analytics, business intelligence, and cloud-based data lakes housing unstructured and structured data.

Achieve More with NETSOL, AWS and the Cloud for Healthcare

Secure Modern Operations

The cloud promises augmented security, extensibility, and adeptness of your services with AWS healthcare solutions through inventive and modern IT infrastructure.

Complying With HIPAA Compliance

Configure access controls to the healthcare sector as per your organizational demands by using innovative cloud security protocols while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Unique Service Offerings

Improve and craft a new patient experience by launching telehealth services, self-servicing portals, and EHR platforms.

Why Choose NETSOL as Your AWS Healthcare Partner?

NETSOL has earned the status of Healthcare Competency from AWS, managing the industry with prominence. Our team of professionals and specialists have the technical skills and business acumen necessary to deploy robust cloud solutions across the sector.

AWS for healthcare crafts a whole new world for the industry, reshaping it for betterment. With us, take your healthcare operations to the next level, working with multiple healthcare entities at par excellence.

Being a genuine consulting partner, we have deep experience in unlocking the door to AWS healthcare solutions. Our experts implement genuine cloud-native services with the tools that can help in the effective management of the healthcare infrastructure at any scale.

NETSOL understands the evolving healthcare sector and the challenges of the landscape. With AWS for healthcare, we ensure seamless deployment of cloud solutions without compromise.

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