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AWS provides a complete range of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) services to enable you to reach your business objectives, whether you want to improve customer experience, increase productivity and improve business processes, or speed up and scale up innovation. With AWS machine learning services, NETSOL supports you in selecting the broadest range of services possible that are tailored to your company’s requirements, from pre-trained AI services to fully-managed, all-inclusive ML solutions.

Because of this, more than 100,000 customers—including giant corporations and the most innovative startups—choose AWS machine learning over competing cloud platforms.

NETSOL has expertise in traditional databases, data warehouses, modern data analytics, and ETL tools. Our AWS certified cloud engineers have extensive experience in big data, analytics, IoT, and machine learning. NETSOL’s team has built and managed comprehensive data services for multiple industry verticals by providing AWS machine learning services.


customers run their AI/ML workloads on AWS.

Up to 10x

increased output from data scientists.


of models and algorithms on the AWS Marketplace.

What are Different Data Science Tools?

AWS offers a variety of tools to help data scientists worldwide:

Data Storage

Amazon Redshift can address and execute sophisticated queries on structured and unstructured data for data warehousing. AWS Glue is a tool for managing and searching for data that analysts and data scientists can utilize. The data in the data lake is automatically cataloged by AWS Glue and given metadata to enable discovery.

Machine Learning

Running on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) is the fully managed machine learning service known as Amazon SageMaker. Users may expand operations, construct, train and deploy machine learning models, and organize data.


  • Analyzing data in Amazon S3 or Glacier is simple, thanks to Amazon Athena, an interactive query tool. It functions with common SQL queries and is quick.
  • Big data is processed utilizing servers like Spark and Hadoop by Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR).
  • Real-time streaming data processing and aggregation are made possible by Amazon Kinesis. It uses application logs, IoT devices telemetry data, and website clickstream data.
  • Petabytes of data may be searched, analyzed, and visualized using Amazon OpenSearch.

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