Cloud Migration
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Your Business, AWS Cloud Migration, & NETSOL

Simplified Migration

With refined and continuous development, achieve your business goals with our end-to-end services powered by AWS.

Augmented Agility

Deploy innovative cloud migration project plans and services to accelerate innovation, business value, and productivity.


We ensure our cloud migration business partners meet sustainability targets while providing access to premium IaaS architecture.

Increased Security

AWS cloud migration services, security tools, and features help implement security policies, governance, and compliance.

Enhanced Reliability

Experience ultimate peace of mind with our AWS cloud migration solutions backed with 100% accuracy and negligible downtime.

Reduced Operational Costs

NETSOL assists in pay-as-you-go pricing, volume-based discounts, and managed services to free up resources and reduce IT costs.

Data Lake for AWS

Our on-premise to cloud migration accelerates large data migration seamlessly, promising a phenomenal 30% fast transferability of data sets to the AWS cloud.

Secure Cloud Foundation

NETSOL provides a highly adaptable security model for AWS with an increment of 90% in security for cloud foundational resources, boosting the overall performance of businesses.

Impact on Businesses

With AWS cloud migration, our deep migration expertise promises a 20-40% reduction in total costs, with a 10x increase in staff productivity, 5x better response time, and 99% service reliability.

Migration Readiness Assessment

Assess your company's 360 degree cloud readiness. After cloud migration consulting, our team reviews your cloud readiness perspectives and provides actionable recommendations and a roadmap.

Robust Cloud Operations

Automate your application environment with the cloud and runbook. We ensure your operations tooling and processes are modernized along with your application architecture.

AWS Migration Process with NETSOL

Each enterprise’s cloud migration plans are bound to differ from anothers. However, NETSOL adheres to the best principles outlined by the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) regarding migration.

While each phase is a common component of a successful migration, they are not discrete phases, but an iterative process. As you iterate and migrate more applications, you can drive repeatability and predictability in processes and procedures, and you might find that the migration process accelerates.

Why Do Businesses Choose NETSOL as the Preferred
Cloud Migration Consulting Partner?

We assist modern businesses to transform from on-premise to cloud migration, experiencing phenomenal outcomes. With us, organizations can:

  • Experience 20% infrastructure cost savings
  • Enjoy 66% augmented administrative productivity
  • Witness a 29% increase in innovation
  • Encounter 45% fewer security glitches


With AWS cloud migration solutions, we at NETSOL help businesses at every stage of their migration journey. We use state-of-the-art frameworks and methodologies, promising accelerated migration with seamless results.

AWS Cloud Migration Services

AWS Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA)

As a part of the migration readiness assessment, AWS suggests a comprehensive evaluation of the customer’s transformation requirements. The AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) is a set of questions used in MRA to evaluate how well an organization adapts to AWS cloud services. We use the answers to these questions to assess and evaluate the organization’s readiness for digital transformation and large-scale migration. Our team utilizes such an opportunity to pinpoint improvements. With such a cloud migration process, we offer AWS Professional Services and a thorough evaluation with hands-on engagement.

AWS Migration Portfolio Assessment (MPA)

Migration Portfolio Assessment is a web-based tool that can be used for a thorough portfolio evaluation and migration preparation. For instance, application data analysis and collection, application grouping, migration prioritization, and wave planning. NETSOL, being an AWS consultant and partner, enables organizations to use the service at no cost. There is a web-based data ingestion procedure for importing CMDB and application portfolio data into MPA from various formats. Therefore, MPA’s high degree of configuration can generate data for business cases, assisting in analysis and migration planning.

AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MRA)

Based on AWS’s extensive experience migrating hundreds of commercial clients to the cloud, the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) is a thorough and tested cloud migration program. We use MAP as an outcome-driven methodology to help businesses shorten the time it takes to migrate to the cloud and modernize their business.

AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF)

To assist you in digitally transforming your organization and speed up your results from using AWS in new ways, the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) is highly beneficial. It highlights the organizational competencies necessary for effective cloud migrations. With these features, NETSOL assists businesses in becoming more cloud-ready. After assessing the enterprises and their model, we guide them to move to the cloud under various capabilities.