AWS Cloud Application Development
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Innovate and implement with AWS cloud services such as RDS, EC2, S3, Lambda, and others for your workloads. With cloud-native application development AWS, businesses leverage dynamic and agile application development techniques that take a modular approach to build, run, and update software through a suite of cloud-based microservices versus a monolithic application infrastructure.

NETSOL is a leading AWS modern applications solution provider, helping businesses achieve more across digital and cloud transformation. We have multi-cloud certified engineers, architects, and cloud consultants who are committed to accelerating your cloud-native journey and assisting your business thrive by leveraging the full benefits of cloud computing.

Why AWS Cloud Native Applications Development Services

Components of Cloud-Native Modern Application Development

For your software development requirements, application development on AWS is the key to leveraging the cloud revolution, designed to support the architecture. Implementing AWS modern applications leads to the right automation in the right areas, making the most of managed services. Integrating DevOps best practices while applying the most acceptable cloud-native application architecture patterns is recommended.

Continuous Delivery

Continuous delivery (CD) plays a vital role in cloud-native application development, running tests to validate applications are ready to be released. Our cloud application development services leverage agile practices, allowing phased application changes. CD is considered the most feasible way to release and deliver software with improved safety.


AWS application development services with cloud-native applications are easier to deploy with receptacles as part of the CD/CI pipeline, delivering both swiftness and efficiency concerning VMs. They are also the pinnacle compute drive for individual microservices deployments due to low overhead involvement in their establishment or elimination.


Without DevOps, embracing cloud-native strategies is not prosperous. Software application development services with DevOps bring automation, streamline communication, ebb deployment failures, and improve the across-the-board development cycle.

Embracing cloud-native approaches in a facilitated way without DevOps is unheard of. It practically sets the base for the efficient execution of cloud-native processes.

Customer Experience

Unlike cloud-native architectures, microservices emphasize core business functionalities when combined with DevOps and agile processes. They help organizations strengthen continuous deployment and delivery, improving modularity and making it easier to scale services.