Application and Data Modernization
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Cloud modernization streamlines your applications and data, helps reduce cost, gains efficiencies, and makes the most of your existing investments. Application and data modernization involves a multi-dimensional approach to adopt and use the technological revolution, deliver portfolio application and an inventive infrastructure value, positioning your organization to scale at an optimal price. After you optimize your applications, you must operate in that new, modernized model without disruption to simplify your business operations, architecture, and overall engineering practices.

A secure application lifecycle and agile infrastructure is a vital enabler of success. With NETSOL, unlock the doors to application transformation to the cloud and take advantage of our latest application innovations and trends, exploring new paths to resolve your crucial business challenges.

With cloud application modernization, integrate and change your new and legacy applications into highly performing, flexible, and agile architectures, driving market growth. NETSOL has extensive experience in successful enterprise application modernization. Our experts work to understand your business and technology requirements to provide solutions that reduce costs, increase time to innovation and develop new data-driven insights, products, and revenue.

Why Modernize Application and Data?


Customer Experience

Create a differentiated and augmented customer experience.


Advance Innovation

Accelerate innovation, reduce time to market, and release new products continually.



Spend less on IT infrastructure by optimizing and eliminating overhead costs.


Increase Agility

Increase agility and add new characteristics and functionalities at scale.


Developing New Features

Improve staff productivity by deploying new and the latest features ahead of time.


Services & Agreements

Enhance service-level agreements (SLAs) and reduce unplanned outages.

Phases to Application Transformation to the Cloud

The AWS approach to cloud application modernization is iterative and can be divided into three high-level phases—assess, modernize, and manage-as illustrated in the following diagram.