Windows on AWS
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Why Run Windows on AWS?

AWS is one of the most experienced cloud providers with Microsoft applications in the cloud. It offers the best platform for Windows Server, including AWS Windows 10 and AWS Windows 11. With windows server on AWS, businesses get SQL Server running a highly reliable system with enhanced performance, ensuring greater security and identity services. Enterprises can enjoy more migration support, the broadest and most profound capabilities, a lower total cost of ownership, and flexible licensing options.

The AWS MAP (Migration Acceleration Program) for Windows is meticulously designed to help businesses reach their migration goals faster with AWS services, while utilizing best practices, tools, and incentives. It promises a three-step procedure to help organizations reduce the indecision, intricacy, and challenging cost of migrating to the cloud.

In addition, MAP can also help businesses modernize the existing and legacy versions of Windows Server and SQL Server workloads to a lower-cost cloud solution such as SQL Server running on Linux, Amazon Aurora, Container-based services, and AWS Lambda. With windows licensing on AWS, enterprises can use cloud-native or open-source solutions, helping them break free from the elevated costs of commercial licensing.

AWS windows server helps customers migrate their legacy Windows Server applications to the latest version, supporting different versions of Windows Server on AWS without any code changes. Many businesses struggle to migrate their older applications due to various reasons, such as tight dependencies, uncorroborated operating systems, inflexible in-house expertise, and limited access to installation source code. In such instances, windows on AWS licensing offers the End-of-Support Migration Program (EMP) for Windows Server to handle these intricacies.

EMP for Windows Server includes essential tools necessary to migrate the legacy applications from Windows Server 2003, 2008, and 2008 R2 to newer, supported versions such as AWS Windows 10 and AWS Windows 11, without any refactoring. The EMP tool also decouples the applications and enables the migration of critical applications to supported versions of Windows Server on AWS.

Benefits of Windows Licensing on AWS


Offers the broadest global infrastructure supporting 77 AZ (Availability Zones) across 24 regions, ensuring 99.99% availability for each Amazon EC2 region.


NETSOL delivers 230 security, compliance, and governance services and features to ensure identity services.


Unmatched experience assists millions of businesses in quickly reaching their migration goals through unique tools and services.


Supports 350 Amazon EC2 instances where comparable services are unattainable from other competitive cloud providers.


Customers can accelerate their growth, drive efficiencies, and discover long-term cost reductions by running Windows on AWS.


The most options in the cloud for using new and current Microsoft software licenses on AWS.

Why Choose NETSOL as Your Partner to Run Windows on AWS?

Windows server on AWS migration has multiple benefits for you, but attaining this can be challenging. NETSOL acknowledges these challenges and is here to guide you in overcoming all obstacles in your path.


NETSOL helps in selecting suitable options to migrate your database architecture. A multitude of available options for your business is not a straight choice.

Resource Management

Your existing resources are already busy in their prioritized activities. We are here to help them in their migration activities.


Your staff may not have any AWS knowledge or skills, but will still be required to help us with their domain during the migration process.

Hassle FreeProcess

We ensure that there is no break or compromise on your business activities during the migration process.