Navigating Unchartered Waters to Achieve Cloud Mastery

The Challenge

Tarsil embarked on a remarkable flight with an app that placed client safety and security at its heart. Taking upon the tall task of reducing client revenue leakage, they found themselves with an overwhelming workload.

Strategic Response

The influx of work prompted a crucial reevaluation of their cloud security and architecture to centralize and govern accounts, and eliminate security threats.

Forging the Path to Success

Seeking a skilled ally equipped with AWS expertise, discovered NETSOL Cloud Services as the ideal partner to navigate these intricacies.

Tarsil’s Transformation with AWS Well-Architected

With the help of NETSOL, Tarsil was able to reestablish its architecture with an AWS Well Architected Review followed by implementation of AWS best practices. Tarsil successfully chartered into cloud domain, soon finding its stability both on the ground and in the cloud.

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