Mainframe to AWS
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Migrate and reinvent your mainframe infrastructure and apps with mainframe modernization tools, becoming a leader in cloud computing. Leverage our proven automated tools, methodologies and certified business partners to refactor, replatform, or augment mainframe workloads, driving innovation, agility, and cost savings. With a prominent mainframe migration strategy, confidently move your critical ecosystem to a highly secured and scalable cloud environment ensuring global reach.

Leverage our comprehensive catalogue of available languages, analytics, databases, and cloud-native services. Contemporize your enterprise applications, deliver business insights, and attract skilled talent with AWS new mainframe services. This ensures fundamental business transformation and competitive differentiation. Take advantage of our years of experience to provide high security, high availability, and operational excellence for your mainframe workloads.

Mainframe to AWS migration has multiple benefits for you, but attaining this can be challenging. It’s also not easy to integrate mainframes into agile development processes – essential for quicker time to market, customer satisfaction, and innovation, and increasingly considered “business as usual” among development teams. NETSOL acknowledges these challenges and is here to guide you in overcoming all obstacles in your path. Our AWS mainframe modernization services are holistic assessments of mainframe applications that create a value-based, prioritized list of applications to migrate and modernize.

We help make the right decisions ensuring robust AWS mainframe services for your business and deal with the day-to-day challenges until completion of the migration process to your satisfaction. Many challenges have to do with poor experience: Poor project phasing, suboptimal choices regarding migration processes, and testing phase challenges that require deep end-state platform expertise.


With mainframe data migration to AWS, move away from inflexible monoliths and eliminate outdated interfaces and protocols.


Take advantage of AWS's multiple protocols and interfaces to unlock core business processes and data in the mainframes.


Businesses can move mainframe to AWS and reduce costs by 60%-90%, enabling flexibility for experimentation and innovation.


Enable your transition to a cloud-based future with modern technologies and languages.

Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) for Mainframe

Customers acquire access to a broad and comprehensive ecosystem of leading mainframe technology through MAP for mainframe. It offers professional services competency partners, assisting with the complete migration and modernization process. With mainframe application migration to AWS, customers can augment their mission-critical applications and data portfolios by extracting the benefit of agility, ease of access, and community on the cloud.