Data Engineering
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AWS data engineering focuses on monitoring several AWS services so that customers can receive an integrated solution that meets their needs. NETSOL’s AWS certified developers review customer requirements, their data quantity and quality, and the outcomes of their activities. For customers to use them and perform at their best, we also choose the most significant services.

NETSOL’s data engineers help companies improve results, minimize risk, gain valuable insights with data and analytics solutions on AWS, and dramatically transform business by providing data engineering services. We help data-driven companies unlock AWS’s elasticity, price, and performance benefits. We also combine technology and domain expertise to deliver deep insights from big data.

Why Data Engineering on AWS?


data lakes run on AWS.


faster with Amazon EMR than standard Apache Spark.


more cost-effective and efficient than other cloud data warehouses.


of the cost of storing data is saved by data lakes.


of data storage in a single cluster with Amazon OpenSearch Service.

Scalable Data Lakes

Purpose-built for performance and cost

Serverless and easy to use

Unified data access, security, and governance

ML Integration

Data Engineering on AWS

AWS data engineering recognizes that adopting a one-size-fits-all strategy for analytics eventually results in limitations. To enable unified governance and simple data migration, it is not just about combining a data lake with a data warehouse. Instead, it is about integrating a data lake, a data warehouse, and purpose-built stores. Customers can easily share data across organizational boundaries, develop scalable data lakes quickly, access a wide range of purpose-built data services, maintain compliance with unified data access, security, and governance, scale their systems at a low cost without sacrificing performance, and make choices quickly and agilely at scale thanks to a modern data architecture on AWS.