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Document processing transforms manual forms and analog data into a digital format to integrate these documents into routine business procedures. A business can digitally reproduce the document’s original structure, layout, text, and images by extracting data using the Amazon Textract processing system.

It helps reduce manual processing time, allowing employees to focus on higher-value tasks and reducing the complexity of data extraction and analysis, lowering the average cost per document.

Amazon Textract uses machine learning to accurately extract text, handwriting, tables, and other data from documents without needing manual labor. Whether you automate loan processing or extract information from invoices and receipts, you can quickly process documents and take action on the information removed. Instead of taking hours or days to extract the data, Textract can do so instantly. With Amazon augmented AI, you can incorporate human evaluations to oversee your models and validate sensitive data.



Reduce manual entry errors by processing documents more quickly and precisely.


Faster data processing allows accomplishing weeks' or months' workloads in a matter of days.


Automated document processing enables employees to spend time on higher-value functions.


Automate document workflows and reduce the complexity of data extraction and analysis.


Industry Verticles


Pipeline can handle 1000 documents/second (soft limit).

Industry Applications

Textract solution solves document reading challenges of any industry that has a humongous amount of data in the form of a physical document that needs review.
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