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Why Amazon Personalize on AWS

A machine learning service provided by Amazon, AWS Personalize is used to recommend high-quality content, customized product and marketing promotions, and more. In addition to managing the entire ML pipeline, including processing data, identifying features, utilizing the best algorithms, and training, optimizing, and hosting the models, Amazon Personalize Architecture also provides the necessary infrastructure. With no minimum fees or upfront commitments, you only pay for the results you utilize via an Application Programming Interface (API). All information is protected with encryption for your users’ privacy and security and is only used to generate suggestions.


Deliver high quality recommendations

The machine learning algorithms that Amazon Personalize uses produce higher quality recommendations that respond to particular requirements and interests, and change your users' behavior, enhancing engagement and conversion. Additionally, they are made to deal with challenging issues like developing recommendations for new customers, goods, and content without prior usage statistics.

Implement personalized recommendations

Without having to design, train, and deploy a ``do it yourself`` ML solution, you can use Amazon Personalize to implement a tailored customization recommendation system powered by ML in just a few clicks.

Personalize every touchpoint

With no additional infrastructure or resource expenses, Amazon Personalize connects quickly with your existing websites, apps, SMS, and email marketing systems to deliver a distinctive consumer experience across all channels and devices. To provide a wide range of personalized experiences to customers at scale, Amazon Personalize allows you to employ real-time or batch recommendations depending on what is most relevant for your use-case.

Data privacy and security

Your entire data set is encrypted for privacy and security and is only used to provide client recommendations. Customers do not exchange data with one other or with To have additional control over who has access to the data you encrypt, you can alternatively utilize one of your own AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) keys. You can keep control over who has access to your encrypted data and can use your customer master keys by using AWS KMS.


  • Use-case optimized recommenders for retail, media and entertainment.
  • User segmentation.
  • Automated machine learning.
  • Real-time recommendations.
  • Batch recommendations.
  • New user and new item recommendations.
  • Contextual recommendations.
  • Similar item recommendations.
  • Unlock information in unstructured text.
  • Prioritizing your business goals and what is relevant for your users.
  • Easily integrate with your existing tools.