Amazon Forecast
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Why Amazon Forecast on AWS

Amazon Forecast is a machine learning-based time-series forecasting service designed to analyze business KPIs. It is a fully managed and automated machine learning service that provides up to 50% more accurate forecasting than conventional techniques.

Forecast employs machine learning to blend time series forecasting methods with extra variables to provide forecasts. It is based on the same technology used at Amazon. No prior machine learning knowledge is necessary – Only historical data and any additional information you think might impact your estimates are required.


Advanced Automated Machine Learning

Automatically Include Local Weather Information

Generate Probabilistic Forecasts

Accurate Forecasts for Any Historical Time Series

Easily Evaluate the Accuracy of Your Forecasting Models

Integrate with Your Existing Tools



Utilize the same technologies as Amazon to scale operations by projecting millions of goods.


Optimize inventory and reduce waste with accurate forecasts at a granular level.


Improve capital efficiency and have more confidence in long-term choices.


Maximize customer satisfaction by staffing appropriately to handle shifting demand forecast levels.